Scott Dunbar is one of the few artists of our time that serves as a reminder of where our hard earned money and general apathy has landed us. A voice of contempt that I can’t help but believe we all have heard coming from our depths at one point or another. That voice that incessantly draws our attention to the fact that things are not as they seem. Or even more so, they are exactly how they seem, although we are told otherwise. The facade of freedom through finance. The undermining of human rights because of individual affiliations. The proliferation of corrupted food and drug policy. Oh, and did I mention our education system? We could go on and on but ill leave that to Scott. He does a much better job than I ever could in bringing these subjects to the forefront in a slightly humorous yet utterly potent manner.

It is easy to seem nihilistic or callused when addressing the depths of the fractured norms and failing belief systems, that are occurring across the globe but it is paramount that such realities are acknowledged, accepted, and addressed by all. Without this process, true change and global evolution will be but a fleeting moment along the trail of indignation. – From FeedBands.com